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  • BzZ! Native Actors Walk off Set of Adam Sandler Movie After Insults to Women, Elders -
    Thu, Apr 23
  • BzZ! Beautiful New York City 2015. #savethebees @ Manhattan, NYC
    Wed, Apr 22
  • BzZ! "UNDRHIPHOP" group art exhibition and live performance show • Sunday April 19th 4pm-10pm.…
    Fri, Apr 17
  • BzZ! "Pink-A-Bee" New Spring 2015 Custom "Save Our Swarm" Tote-Bag. 10% of profits goes to…
    Thu, Apr 16

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  • BzZ! Beautiful New York City 2015. #savethebees
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  • BzZ! Help Bee the cure #Africa .The implications of this initiative are massive. More beehives for Africa means a return to traditional practices. This means there is another protein alternative as traditionally Africans eat honey ,pollen also brood.
This means less demand on graziers and  farm animals that have been encroaching on endangered African wildlife.
Orphans will become the new beekeepers which will give them the opportunity to have successfully healthy lives. 
So we are curing endangered wildlife, culture, nutrition and love .
Beethecure ambassador Denise O'Nieil is flying over to Uganda with her own money tomorrow. 
We are looking for further financial assistance for this long term imperative initiative.
My suggestions are @flowhive and @ecotan .Two great performing sustainable initiative s.

#beethecure #wisdom 
#love #share #savethebees #sustainability #freedom #honor #respect #meaning #SOS ™@savethebeesaustralia @learn.grow.glow.inspire
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  • BzZ! Sunday Work... #savethebees
  • BzZ! Group Art Show Exhibition • Opens this Friday April 3rd. Location 147 Street & Frederick Douglas BLVD 7pm-10pm #Harlem #savethebees
  • BzZ! Air Paint. #savethebees
  • BzZ! NYC skies 2015. #savethebees
  • BzZ! A Sunday Bronx Box-Truck 2015. #savethebees
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